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Glimpse of Dubai

Glimpse of Dubai

Burj Khalifa at Sunset with the dancing fountains

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Winter in Dubai

Winter is my favorite season in Dubai…Blue sky, ideal temperature and a different vibe. Although it gets dark early, you just feel like staying outside and enjoy the great atmosphere. It’s also a season when there’s a lot happening…Concerts, auto show, air show, boat show !
I will soon follow up this post with some pictures of my neighborhood in Old Town, next to he Burj Khalifa…to give you a sense of what I am talking about.

Stay tuned…

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Happy New Year !

DSC_0131 The New Year started for me with the grandiose fireworks at the Burj Khalifa. In typical Dubai style, the “City of Life” celebrated the entry in 2011 with a fantastic show at the world’s tallest tower. We had a great time with the family and friends, mingling with thousands of other Dubai people and watching the Burj lighting up.

Fortunately, for us, we live pretty close to the tower and got there on foot…for the others, they must have spent a couple of hours sitting in their cars, as the traffic came to a stand still……The picture below was taken from my balcony Smile 


I am now fresh and ready to get back to work. January is a pretty busy time for me

…professionally. I’m off to Beirut tomorrow morning  for a team meeting in order to prepare an important exercise called the Mid-Year Review.

Later this week, on the 5th, I’ll also be watching closely Steve’s Ballmer keynote at the CES (Consumer Electronic Show). Watch this space for my comments.

Till then, enjoy the break, have fun and get ready for another fantastic year.


Happy New Year !

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Blogging from my Windows 7 device

As a follow up from my previous post…this is just a test from the WM7 version of WordPress. The touch keyboard is magical :)

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone

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I love my Windows Phone 7 ….Really!

A lot has been said and written about Microsoft missing the boat in the mobility space. As a Windows Mobile user, I must admit  that I had become frustrated with the experience to the point that I was using my Windows mobile just for the phone ! That’s a pity when you know the power of these devices and their ability to keep you productive and connected on the go.

I was recently provided with my own Windows Phone 7, an HTC HD 7…nearly the same hardware as my previous device the HD 2. What a difference the difference the software makes ! Windows Phone 7 Provides a graceful, fast and intelligent interface with an attention to details that makes all of the tasks a breeze. The interface provides more dimensions (IMHO) than the competing platforms. The keyboard is so precise that it has got me back to using SMS again ! On the productivity side, the E-mail experience is far superior than any other client that you will find on other devices and the addition of the Office Hub provides a great productivity experience when you are away from your desk. But it’s not all about work, it’s also a great consumer device, keeping you in touch with all your social networks and providing you with an extension of the XBox live experience (If you’re a gamer like me)

Another good thing abbout this phone is that it got me to post on my Blog again :-)

Instead of me telling you about how great the phone is, I invite you check this video out…enjoy:

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